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BeneWize is the bridge to the self-insured market for the largest shared-decision support program in the US.

  1. Sales Support - We assist and support you in deploying our solution to your clients

  2. Data Aggregation - We manage all eligibility and paid claims file transmissions

  3. Billed as a Medical Claim - 1 bill / per client / per month. We submit a single list bill each month per account. Detailed enrollment records are available for claims audits, etc.

A very personal testimonial

A few years ago I received a call from my own mother. Her neck was injured and her doctor had recommended surgery.  


I remembered learning about a program that assisted people considering surgery. It helped them make better informed decisions, which achieved better outcomes.   


Today, while mom acknowledges being 79 and holding, she can smile without debilitating neck pain, because she never had the surgery her doctor recommended!

- Marshall

CEO, BeneWize


 Actual Results for a TPA with 16,000 Employees and 9,000 Dependents -

PEPM savings at the end of the first month almost covered the cost of the program. At the end of the 7th month, March 2022, the PEPM savings were almost 300%!  

22_05_01 BOB Graph.png

Your results may vary based on demographics, types and costs of surgeries, and other factors.

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