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To Whom Much is Given...

The Fort Worth Cowtown Half-Marathon was held Saturday, May 8th 2021. To celebrate the return of the Cowtown and in an effort to raise awareness of the pernicious problem of homelessness -  we decided to escape our "comfort zones" and do something different. With the approval of Union Gospel Mission Dallas, we designed and printed a T-shirt for the Cowtown; solicited our Facebook and LinkedIn connections to join us in raising money for a ministry that changes men's lives; and, walked 13.1 miles in 3 hrs. 48 min. at a pace of 3.34 mph.

Union Gospel Mission Dallas (UGMD) seemed the obvious choice since one of us, and his wife, have participated in feeding the homeless men for almost 12 years through Park Cities Presbyterian Church in Dallas.


In events like the Cowtown, you see all kinds of logos on apparel, water bottles, etc. Why not have a UGMD logo t-shirt, which shares some of the ministries they offer?

During this year, we, BeneWize, are going to start participating in charity events to raise help those that need help. We are not looking to give "hand-outs", but "hand-ups". If you are already participating in these types of events, HURRAY! Keep it up! If not, because you're not quite sure where to start, connect with us. Collectively, we have the gifts and talents to help our fellow Americans, if we'll just take the time.


Remember J. Paul Getty's quote, "I'd rather have 1% of the effort of 100 men than 100% of my own effort”. We would much prefer 1,000 dimes than a $100 bill, because we want you to enjoy the blessing of supporting and contributing to this most worthwhile ministry.

Donations may be sent directly to Union Gospel Mission Dallas by clicking the UGMD logo, below.


Transforming Lives to End Homelessness - 

One Person at a Time

The History of Union Gospel Mission - DALLAS

Union Gospel Mission began as a street ministry in 1949 when a group of Christian businessmen took to the streets of Dallas, telling the poor about God's love for them. What started s a ministry helping people on the streets, grew into a 105-bed shelter for men and women located in downtown Dallas. Today, UGM has two shelters that sleep more than 700 men, women, children, and veterans.

UGMD is a safe haven for:

  • 400 men, who can enjoy a warm meal, a shower, a bed for the night, a warm breakfast and lunch to take with them as they leave the shelter on Irving Boulevard;

  • Military veterans can receive support and care for PTSD, homelessness, and substance abuse;

  • Women and children who have become homeless due to various reasons, primarily including divorce and lost jobs. This separate campus, known as The Center of Hope, provides three meals a day plus snacks, as well as clothing and shelter, while introducing the residents to people who will love and care for them, as witnesses to God’s faithfulness;

  • Most importantly, how the “Disciples” program lifts men out of drug addiction, alcohol abuse, and a myriad of other problems. Here is how they do it:

    • The Gospel is shared with the men in preparation for independent living;

    • They are trained to actively avoid their previously self-destructive behaviors, and;

    • This prepares them for jobs or skills employers need.

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