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"If you don't know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else!" ...Yogi Berra

Just like Yogi, we all hope we know where we’re headed.

While no one has a crystal ball that assures successful underwriting results, HOWEVER -

there are ways to improve your odds with BeneWize.

Did your 2021 renewals factor in 27% more surgeries in 2021, or

Did you price using the Covid suppressed claims experience?


January 2020

28 surgeries a month, per 1000 members (normal)

March 2020 (Covid-19 Lockdown)

8 surgeries a month, per 1000 members = 75% drop

In mid-March thru July 2020, non-emergent surgeries were all but eliminated, which included nearly a half-million knee and hip replacement procedures.

Yes, thanks to media reporting, many surgery patients were more fearful of Covid-19 than cancer.

November 2020 - Almost Recovered

25 surgeries a month, per 1000 members

January 2021

12 surgeries a month, per 1000 members = 57% drop


Projections based on 10 million member lives

August 2021 –

Covid Recovery Surgeries will exceed "No Covid" Expected Claims for 16 Months

January 2022 –

Covid Recovery Surgeries will:

1. Peak at almost 40 surgeries per month for 1000 members

2. Will stay elevated until January 2023

January 2023 –

Claims Return to Expected Pre-Covid Levels

In light of these expectations, please consider this question –

With 25% REDUCTION in surgeries per year -

You can AVOID the brunt of this wave

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