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Empowering Plan Members -

Helping Plan Members Make Better Surgical Decisions in Their Own Self-Interest Based on Education & Preparedness

Over 10 million plan members have access to the health literacy platform BeneWize provides the self-funded market. This direct-to-consumer company provides an online surgical shared-decision support (SSDS) program that can:

  1. Educate your plan members to the risks and benefits of common preference-sensitive surgeries*

  2. Reduce your clients' surgery spending by helping plan members and their doctors identify inappropriate surgeries**

  3. Lower your clients' medical costs by improving outcomes for the 75% of preference-sensitive or elective surgeries that are appropriate

  4. Enjoy ROIs, ranging from 400% to 1600%***

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We make it easy for self-funded groups to implement this program:

  • Immediate aggregate factor reductions making the program effectively free to your clients

  • Billing as a claim using a HCPCS Code under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and IRS regulations

  • Decision tracking of plan members - having surgery, not having surgery, or choosing an alternative treatment

*     Elective procedures with 2 or more viable, non-surgical alternatives

**   When risks outweigh the benefits of surgery, those procedures are considered inappropriate and unnecessary

***  Analytics validated by clients' actuaries and independent firms

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